We’re a small “mom & pops” company that joins charitable giving with locally roasted coffee. We are committed to giving a portion of every sale toward alleviating poverty and homelessness here in Nashville.  Our mission is to benefit our local economy with the second highest traded commodity in the world. Yes, after oil, it’s coffee…and if most of us are going to purchase and enjoy it on a regular basis, why not let a portion go towards helping others in need? Our roaster has been supplying quality coffees for over 16 years here in Nashville. He must be doing something right.

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Our quality coffees are delivered fresh because we roast to order in small batches. Each bag is filled and sealed by hand. The one way valve allows air to escape (coffee emits carbon dioxide after roasting) but does not let air in.

Here Are Some Of The Blends We Offer (12 oz bags):
Sumatra Mandheling: Rich, heavy body, w/low acidity and deep aroma. Intense, earthy flavor with sweet chocolate afternotes.
Sumatra Dark: (same as Sumatra Mandheling) roasted dark.
Papua New Guinea: Sweet and creamy with a mild yet broad flavor. Hints of caramel and chocolate, with a buttery texture.
Tanzania Peaberry: Bright, pleasant flavor that is delicate and winey. A deep richness and chocolate finish.
Decaf Colombia: Removal of caffeine by water process (rather than chemical), medium body, mild chocolate tones with sweet, citrus notes.
Guatemala: Consistent medium body with mild lemon and creamy milk chocolate. Pleasant taste, smokey aroma and walnut finish.
Courtyard French: Bold, smoky, chocolate & caramel tones, lingering smooth taste; dark roast.
House Blend: Our special signature blend served and loved by Nashville’s own Porter Road Butcher. A roast master’s select blend of Central and South American coffees that create a smooth, mild, well rounded flavor that ends in a surprising sweet finish.


Grounds 2 Give Coffee can be purchased locally at the following locations

Tower Market and Deli
Porter Road Butcher
Mitchell Deli
The Station Nashville


When was the last time you had no place to sleep, went hungry, had no transportation or were unable to get needed medications? When the reality hit that most of us have never had to go without our basic needs met while others around us suffer every day, we had to do something. That realization was our Grounds to Give. Thanks for enjoying our coffee and helping your neighbors in need.

Each bag purchased at one of our local retail locations directly supports

Project Connect Nashville

Thanks for enjoying our coffee and helping your local neighbors in need.